We see value in doing things differently.

Because sometimes it’s not only about the destination, but also the path towards it.

We start every project with a challenging question. And the firm intention to break old patterns, rules and well-established ways of thinking.

Depending on the gravity, we apply learning journeys, leadership conferences as well as un-conferences, innovation camps, accelerator programs, strategy processes and more to achieve long-term change and renewal in organizations.

What kind of organizations? All kinds: We’ve worked with everyone wanting or needing to ignore gravity, from medium-sized companies and global corporations, family run businesses and agencies to startups, NGOs and universities.

Founded in 2011, Ignore Gravity hosts the most diverse people. What we share is our belief in lifelong learning, goosebumps from empowering people as well as organizations transforming into better versions of themselves, and our love for working at the intersection of society, economy, technology, arts and culture.

And we couldn’t be without our community of amazing partners. Together we dream, scout, host, prototype and discuss our vision of the future. Ignore Gravity is our third place where we create platforms, tools, events and communities that are missing in our world.

For a better understanding of what we do, have a look at our case studies and client range. For the best understanding, get in touch with us via: letme@ignore-gravity.com.

Ignore Gravity was founded by Jan Bathel, Jonathan Imme and Bernhard Krusche.