#1 Demo Day of »leAD Sports Accelerator«

On the 7th of December the 1st batch of leAD Sports Accelerator was crowned by a fabulous Demo Day hosted by UK sports TV presenter Charlie Webster. 15 startups from 12 countries presented their pitch in front of 150 investors, sports industry representatives and experts. The feedback on the quality and level of the showcased products, business models and strategies was amazing and it looks very promising that it will be possible to make a significant contribution in the current funding round of the startups from the 1st batch via the shareholders of leAD Sport Accelerator.

Adi Dasslers oldest grandson and Co-Founder of leAD Sports Accelerator Horst Bente stated: ‘The entrepreneurship and innovation that we saw today was an amazing celebration of the legacy of my grandfather’.

Ignore Gravity was responsible for the development and execution of the concept, campaign and scouting as well as the program and all related events of leAD Sports Accelerator.

Charlie Webster



Valtik Foods

The movement athlete


Forward Game AR

20_20 Armor




mOcean Sense



Startups and Team

Photos by Uros Djurovic

Leila Oppermann

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