This is not the year end review that nobody reads…

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2018: Culture in transformation

In 2018 we had the pleasure to accompany some very exciting and challenging transformation movements. A mindset-shift is the mandatory driving force for every cultural transformation. Without a real mindset-shift, in any organization, no change will be sustainable. But how to shift something that has been developed and established for decades? How to ensure that everyone understands the need and benefits of the change?

As always it starts with a small group of creators, followed by a larger group of trendsetters and early adopters. Here, we have curated some of our most exciting mindset-shift stories for you:

1. The Daimler AG

Without a doubt the managers and employees at Daimler go through tough times. While they are challenged by the Diesel dilema, a new world order and potential trade wars are appearing on the horizon. They have to get ready for the digital and electric future of mobility and further drive the current business at the same time. Even bigger the amazement on our side, to see with how much boldness, determination and progressiveness the company is driving change on all fronts. When we were invited to support the global roll-out of the cultural transformation initiative ‚Leadership 2020‘, we met a highly impressive team of very sharp and driven people. Together we developed new tools, formats and communication strategies that will help to make the transformation accessible and a valuable experience for all 290.000 employees and 17.000 leaders from the board to the assembly line. We are very much looking forward for inspiring co-creation, to come.

2. The Dassler Family

When legacy shapes future: To support the family of Adi Dassler in their return to sports business is a remarkable honour and a big challenge at the same time. Under the legacy of their grandfather the 3 oldest grandsons, of the inventor of the modern sports industry Mr Adi Dassler, work on their comeback by building a portfolio of investments in early stage sports-tech startups. They are accompanied by a global group of smart and visionary investors, with strong ties to sports business, as well as family offices. Ignore Gravity was involved in this project from day 1 and we are responsible for the conceptual development of the accelerator, the design and execution of the program including all events, the entire scouting and startup selection process as well as everything related to marketing and communication. In 2018 the project celebrated its 2nd anniversary. So far we accelerated 23 companies from 15 countries. Looking at the development of the companies from last years batch, we are very proud to have been able to contribute to such a remarkable story. Thanks to all the leAD shareholders, founders, mentors and partners for their trust and contribution!

3. The Otto Group

For top executives of Otto Group, the global retailer that has been undergoing a remarkable cultural transformation over the past few years. Ignore Gravity designed and runs a special leadership program coming to its third year. The program includes learning journeys, workshops, presencing and purpose work. Ignore Gravity empowers the next generation of company top executives by creating inspiring leadership experiences, and turning them into TED-style talks to share their learnings and insights on stage at the HQ in Hamburg, in story formats driving change and transformation.

4. The Acceleration of female Entrepreneurship

Gender diversity has been proven to increase corporate profits. Female-run startups have a success rate of 61%. Nevertheless, only 15% of startups are founded by women. Only 29% of all management positions are filled by women. Grace is Ignore Gravities catalyst for strong women who want to achieve their goals faster. A strong partner for future-oriented companies that want to promote women and diversity. With our first summer camp and 380 applications from all over DACH region, the Grace community became home to the brightest minds for a digital, gender-diverse, entrepreneurial and female future. Our selected female founders & top talents from Deutsche Bank and Mercedes Benz Germany got access to experts, startups, companies, VCs, politics, science, media, creatives, coaches, and mentors. Our Mission: empower women to maximize business success and enrich the startup ecosystem with more diversity ! Looking forward to our Summer Camp in 2019! We are thankful for having such strong partners as She´s Mercedes and Deutsche Bank.

»Really great projects came out of the Summer Camp 2018!«

Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister of Economics

»I believe that the Summer Camp founders will be strong role models for a new generation of women entrepreneurs.«

Anne Kjaer Riechert, Founder ReDI School of Digital Integration

»I am excited that there is a format like the Summer Camp, which promotes female founders.«

Ulrich Schmitz, Managing Director Axel Springer Digital Ventures

5. The ReDI School

Ignore Gravity deeply cares about social entrepreneurship. So over the last two years, we consulted and supported The ReDi School of Digital Integration. ReDI School is a non-profit coding school for tech-savvy people with refugee status based in Berlin and Munich. The school offers its students free, high-quality training and a community to strive. ReDi School teaches coding skills to create job opportunities and economic empowerment for newcomers. Since 2018 Ignore Gravity now also supports ReDIs new women and children's projects.

It has been an outstanding year, in many ways. We want to express our gratitude to all our colleagues, clients, partners, contributors, friends and families!

Let’s ignore gravity together in 2019 again!

Steffen Kellner

After a decade in different management positions around the globe at Red Bull, he focusses on marketing strategy & innovation at IG.