Applications open for the 2018 batch of the Berlin based »leAD Sports Accelerator«!

leAD - the sports accelerator from the grandsons of Adi Dassler, after a successful first batch in 2017 is calling for applications from sports startups across the world for it’s 2018 batch. Click here to apply.

Starting broad in 2017, in 2018 leAD is looking for more specific startups coming from the following three areas they have identified as the most promising and innovative:

(1) Performance based technologies supporting athletes and people with an active lifestyle to be at their best with ideas around.

(2) Next generation fan engagement and experience - engaging fans better and delivering the most immersive experience with ideas around but not limited to.

(3) Derivative sports market with their new business models such as.

Besides the Accelerator program, leAD has a vision to build a powerhouse of global sports entrepreneurship, linking innovation and investment into one platform backing the whole entrepreneurs journey from idea to exit - with capital, knowledge and their network. leAD is an open platform and is inviting businesses, clubs and sports organizations searching for innovation and investors looking for deal flow to join leAD.

The application phase is open till May 31, 2018. For more information, you can visit the website or to apply to the batch of 2018 click here.

Colin Niederdellmann

Celebrating brands, strategy and design, Colin got a special interest in Business Model Innovation. At IG, he acts strategic, by connecting various disciplines as brand strategist.