Successful execution of the first Lab56

We have just finished the first innovation lab, that we conceptualized and executed for Jägermeister. The process as well as the results were amazing, that’s why we would like to share them with you!


For decades Jägermeister was very successful as a single product and brand company - and they still are. However, the company decided to secure and increase its success by growing the portfolio with new products and services. With Jägermeister Manifest and Jägermeister Scharf, it launched its first line extensions, invested in Gin Sul and through M-Ventures in the platform


Based on our expertise for herbs, we want to develop new ideas for beverages and tangible prototypes that could contribute to ‚best nights of your life‘ experiences for our customers.


We developed a multi-stage process going from inspiration through ideation to concept development and rapid prototyping with an interdisciplinary team of food-tech experts, chefs, bartenders and creatives from related playgrounds.


In the beginning of the first week, we visited the Jägermeister headquarter, receiving many insightful inputs by Dr. Bernd Finke about the ingredients and production of Jägermeister. In addition to that every expert from the team shared an inspiring keynote featuring exciting stories and ideas from their playground.


After the inspiration sessions we moved into several loops of idea sprints, resulting into more than 150 ideas. From this pool of ideas, the team selected the 10 most promising and turned them into concepts. These conpects were shared with selected consumers and the Jägermeister team in order to implement their feedback.

In the next step, our project management team was challenged with the task of sourcing all the technological equipment, material and ingredients that the interdisciplinary expert team needed to turn their concepts into prototypes.

Rapid prototyping:

For the second week, we turned a loft with an event kitchen into to a temporary lab that became probably coolest playground that food-tech nerds can dream of. During five days, all concepts were turned into prototypes that that we again presented to the Jägermeister team and consumers.


Eight of the prototypes were presented by the expert team to the Jägermeister management, including Michael Volke (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Berndt Finke (Global Head of Production) and Wolfgang Möller (Chief Marketing Officer). All of them gave very good feedback to the prototypes. In the next steps the prototypes will be evaluated and prioritized for further development.


  • The diversity of competencies in our expert team was a key driver for the success of the lab. The experts collaborated very well and with a lot of appreciation and respect for the skills and experience of the others.
  • Creating an environment and atmosphere that allowed all participants to try and explore all kind of ideas released a lot of creative energy.
  • We have realized similar innovation labs in the past, but so far only for digital prototypes and business models. It was great to see how the format worked for the development of physical products.


A big thank you to the Jägermeister team for their trust and great collaboration! This project would not have been possible without the strong support of our partners from ZHAW Professor Tilo Hühn, Maya Wiestner, David Ebneter, Stefan Klettenhammer and last but not least all other participants from the interdisciplinary expert team Adrian Beckers, Ruben Neideck, Kai Wolschke, Sven Breitenbuch, Florian Gröne, Alexandra Bühler, Freek Gille, Pia Köfler.

Photos: Bastian Bochinski

Franziska Schmitt

As a marathoner and certified yoga instructor, Franziska is passionate about mindfulness, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She is a creative strategist with international work, study and lecturing experience.