Phase 1 of Lab56 successfully completed

Last Friday, Ignore Gravity successfully completed the first phase of Lab56, a co-creation initiative for Jägermeister. 15 food-tech engineers, chefs, bartenders and creatives from related areas went through a multistage process from inspiration over ideation to concept development. The objective is to develop ideas and prototypes for new products. In fact, this is the first time that Jägermeister is running a core-product innovation initiative with an external team of interdisciplinary experts.


The kick-off took place in Wolfenbüttel with a deep dive into brand, history and foremost production methodology, explained by the global head of production Dr. Finke. The second day started at Michelberger Hotel in Berlin where every expert from the team shared inspiring inputs from his or her background. In addition to that, we started each morning with a mindfulness session hosted by a coach from the Ignore Gravity team.


Two Ideation Experts from Ignore Gravity guided the team through many ideation sprints in short intervals. Like that, more than 150 ideas were created within two days. These ideas were turned into concepts and detailed realization plans as a foundation for phase two.

Next steps

In phase 2 of Lab56 the team will come together in a lab kitchen in order to turn ten selected concepts into first level prototypes.

A big thanks to the experts, the team for their relentless work on ideas and concepts, the contributors of inspiration for their amazing inputs and the Jägermeister team for their courage, trust and support.

Franziska Schmitt

As a marathoner and certified yoga instructor, Franziska is passionate about mindfulness, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She is a creative strategist with international work, study and lecturing experience.