leAD Demo Day 2019

This years demo day was something special!

Nathalie Sonne, Partner at ignore gravity and head of leAD Sport 1 Accelerator co-hosted the evening together with Sport 1 Moderator Lisa Ramuschkat.

The demo day marks the end of a three months accelerator program in Berlin. From a fireside chat with former NBA all-star, Olympic gold medalist, and world-class investor Michael Redd to incredible performances (on and off the stage) from our startup founders, the leAD SPORT1 Accelerator Demo Day 2019 was something special.

The founders of seven selected start-ups presented their business models in front of an audience of more than 200 people consisting of strategic partners, investors and mentors as well as high-caliber guests from business, sports, tech and media.

Christoph Sonnen, LEAD CEO and Co-Founder and ADvantage Sports Tech Fund Partner: "It's always exciting to see our startup founders step out, pitch and share their journey."

For the third time, ignore gravity was responsible for concept and execution of the leAD demo day.

Photo credits: Michael Romacker

Franziska Schmitt

As a marathoner and certified yoga instructor, Franziska is passionate about mindfulness, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She is a creative strategist with international work, study and lecturing experience.