Selected Clients

Mercedes Benz
Otto Group
Axel Springer
Coca Cola
Hamburg Kreativ
Red Bull Mediahouse
Innogy Stiftung
DLG TestService
Körber Stiftung



Jan Bathel

As Founder, organizational hacker & creative space explorer, Jan designs accelerator programs, mindful leadership programs & innovation journeys.

Steffen Kellner

After a decade in different management positions around the globe at Red Bull, he focusses on marketing strategy & innovation at IG.

Nathalie Sonne

Enjoying fast-paced environments, Nathalie has worked in several startups across the US and Germany. At IG, she accelerates ideas, teams and startups.

Nelson González

Life-long social impact innovator, Nelson geeks out on learning science and has worked at the intersection of technology, investment, entrepreneurship, and public policy on six contients. He's bringing Silicon Valley to IG, and IG to Silicon Valley.

Benjamin Knispel

Manager, host and cultural explorer, Benjamin is IGs backbone for cross-boarder activities and large scale events.

Sophie Weiser

With a colourful background as agency manager & gallery co-owner, Sophie has been expanding her horizon and that of others as a meditation teacher and co-founder of Your Space Berlin.

Colin Niederdellmann

Celebrating brands, strategy and design, Colin got a special interest in Business Model Innovation. At IG, he acts strategic, by connecting various disciplines as brand strategist.

Amelie Bermond

Connecting with people, sharing stories and supporting one another to live our dreams, is what inspires her. Amelie has a special interest in developing and working with Top Talent around the world and she assumes the road to success is a struggle.

Eva Kaczor

As an internationally certified yoga instructor Eva teaches meditation & yoga around the globe. With a background in psychology, brand strategy, anatomy and thetahealing she coaches her clients towards personal growth.

Masa Milhem

To be mindful, to connect and co-create are Masa's principles. She has a background in Marketing, at IG she works on mindful leadership programs and supports accelerator programs.

Susanne Scheerer

Susanne Scheerer designs and teaches human communication and experiences along the lines of behavioral art and psychology - guided by the principles of agency, trust and transparency.

Christian Zimmermann

Christian is a food enthusiast and expert in fields of process and product development. Together with food startups he likes to change the food landscape into a more sustainable and tasty environment.

Leonie Moos

Leonie is passionate about new business ideas and their impact on economy and society. At IG, she is focussing on female empowerment, entrepreneur- and intrapreneurship.

Franziska Schmitt

As a marathoner and certified yoga instructor, Franziska is passionate about mindfulness, female empowerment, and entrepreneurship. She is a creative strategist with international work, study and lecturing experience.

Johannes Hilf

As a strategic designer he analysis currents of culture to develop concepts and prototypes at the cutting edge of cultural change. He has a background in cultural studies and 10 years of experience in leading design-, research- and innovation-consultancies.