Selected Clients

Mercedes Benz
Otto Group
Axel Springer
Coca Cola
Hamburg Kreativ
Red Bull Mediahouse
Innogy Stiftung
DLG TestService



Jan Bathel

As Founder, organizational hacker & creative space explorer, Jan designs accelerator programs, mindful leadership programs & innovation journeys.

Steffen Kellner

After a decade in different management positions around the globe at Red Bull, he focusses on marketing strategy & innovation at IG.

Leila Oppermann

Curious robot-owner and poetry lover. At IG, Leila works on the creative space explorer & brings ideas to the 49FoodpreneursLab.

Nathalie Sonne

Enjoying fast-paced environments, Nathalie has worked in several startups across the US and Germany. At IG, she accelerates ideas, teams and startups.

Richard Wilhelmer

Crafting cultural and technological transformation as a visual artist, strategist, storyteller. Deeply rooted in Berlins creative industry.

Steffen Stäuber

With his expertise in communication, branding and technology, Steffen supports companies in bridging the gap between ideas, strategy and new business solutions.

Nelson González

Life-long social impact innovator, Nelson geeks out on learning science and has worked at the intersection of technology, investment, entrepreneurship, and public policy on six contients. He's bringing Silicon Valley to IG, and IG to Silicon Valley.

Benjamin Knispel

Manager, host and cultural explorer, Benjamin is IGs backbone for cross-boarder activities and large scale events.

Sophie Weiser

With a colourful background as agency manager & gallery co-owner, Sophie has been expanding her horizon and that of others as a meditation teacher and co-founder of Your Space Berlin.